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About Us

BLUE Alternative Asset Management


  • Established in 2003
  • Privately held, employee owned 
  • Principals have over 60 years of experience in the investment industry 
  • Have been responsible for over $6 billion in assets managed
  • Managing Hedge funds is our only business
  • 8 professionals in New York City
  • $161MM Assets under management
  • Blue Elite Fund, Ltd. and Blue Elite Enhanced Ltd.
  • Blue Elite Fund, L.P.

    Investment Philosophy
  • Access to the best managers who as a group have a proven ability to generate
         favorable performance in a variety of market conditions
  • Diversified exposure to leading hedge fund managers across a variety of styles
          - Allocations are made based on rigorous quantitative analysis and qualitative research
            resulting in a fund that possesses longevity, strong absolute returns and superior
            "down market" performance
  • Portfolio diversified across managers and styles
          - Long/Short Equity
          - Event Driven
          - Multi-Strategy
          - Short Term Trading
          - Distressed
          - Commodities
  • Careful monitoring and risk management assure that Blue attains its risk/return 
          - Target average annual compounded returns of 8-12% with standard deviation of
             return equal of 3%
          - Low correlation to benchmarks
          - Modest standard deviation of returns-less than or equal to Lehaman Aggregate 
            Bond Index
          - Short recovery time on losses